AfterBefore- Raymond Dalle'

Consumed- David Miller

Dragon Slayer- Neal Grace

Father, Be- John Palmerlee

Palindrome Haiku- Blair O'Neil

Zen Poem written at April 2018 First Saturday.
The attendees each wrote one stanza only seeing the preceding one;
when finished we put them together and this is the result.
Theme for the day was: "How do we cultivate our humanity?"

Life is good

Goodness is
where I look

Goodness is
it's own

is in me

we emanate
like seasons

I am
an integral part
of everything

I Love
to dance
and sing

I love being
the love
that creates me

I don't know where
I'm going but I know
I'm on my way

The way
of the warrior
of the heart

So be it

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