Sunday, January 1, 2006

After Before by Raymond Dalle


I came tonight. The touch of a loving hand, the caress
of a tender mouth. Lips so sweet, whispering the truth
of passion.

It starts from somewhere way beyond sight. The
tumbling walls wither with anticipation swelling deep
within my soul.

Like a twister caught in a web of eagerness so deep,
whirling cells filled with my beingness. The
torrential downpour of one wave of light and love,
coming, coming down from the very depths.

Sucking up and out in rhythmic motion that draws
moisture from the very earth itself. Living beyond
fantasy, beholding the grace of humane kindness.

Swirting through your fingers into a special retaining

Then it happens, verbal communication through heated
space. Screams of ecstasy pour forth in waves of

Grasping at air for a foothold of life, grounding
upward through layers upon layers of extreme pleasure.
Gratification clarified through a loving touch.

Stems eternal gratefulness.


I didn't come last night. Executed by a loving act.
Fear courses through my veins. Closed eyes dance red
blotches. Images caress darkness, thunderbolts of pain
scald taut strands of flesh.

Hope for peace. Pray for reprieve.

Leave the body, left for dead.

Matter overrides spirit fighting for a foothold.
Traverse over mountains of history. Swim through lakes
of discomfort. Peer across an expanse of wordless

Sitting in dejection. Obliterated by recollection.
Lost forever to endless iteration.

Controlled by silent anguish. Propelled perpetually in
memory. Inclined to crawl from my flesh. Leaving it
there to rot in contamination.

Am I really present? Is it me embedded in place by
roots issuing deep into the mold.

Let go, I cry, upon vacant ears. Too deafened from
years of abuse. Hysterical beyond words. Lifeless

Agony abides. Relentless in its quest for domination.

Must give up, relinquish capability, run in horror.

Thought between time and space. Riding the waves of
sound through the void. Life stops abruptly. Slamming
onto curbs filled with hate and violence. Rushing
towards total annihilation. Eradicating colorful
streams of light.

Hopelessly confused by propelled pain.

Thwarted upon a bed of bliss.


By: Raymond Dalle'

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