Monday, January 2, 2006


i entered life a hungry boy,consuming more than most
denied the comfort of a breast, the bottle was my host
throughout lean and active boyhood days i swam and climbed and ran,
but most of all i ate alot....that was my major plan
i was blessed genetically, i never gained a pound,
that wasn't lean and full of go, i was never soft or round
i was obsessed with getting mine, a second helping if you please
a picky eater... no not me, i even ate my peas
the hunger that i felt inside, it never went away
how long until the next repast was how i marked my day
as years flew by and i grew up, new pleasures came around
i soon discovered alcohol....Nirvana had been found
the knots i didn't know i had in body mind and soul

Sunday, January 1, 2006

After Before by Raymond Dalle


I came tonight. The touch of a loving hand, the caress
of a tender mouth. Lips so sweet, whispering the truth
of passion.

It starts from somewhere way beyond sight. The
tumbling walls wither with anticipation swelling deep
within my soul.

Like a twister caught in a web of eagerness so deep,
whirling cells filled with my beingness. The
torrential downpour of one wave of light and love,
coming, coming down from the very depths.