Monday, January 2, 2006


i entered life a hungry boy,consuming more than most
denied the comfort of a breast, the bottle was my host
throughout lean and active boyhood days i swam and climbed and ran,
but most of all i ate alot....that was my major plan
i was blessed genetically, i never gained a pound,
that wasn't lean and full of go, i was never soft or round
i was obsessed with getting mine, a second helping if you please
a picky eater... no not me, i even ate my peas
the hunger that i felt inside, it never went away
how long until the next repast was how i marked my day
as years flew by and i grew up, new pleasures came around
i soon discovered alcohol....Nirvana had been found
the knots i didn't know i had in body mind and soul

loosened up and let me go, i felt so free and whole
i now had two friends at beck and call who always helped me out
by these friends did not arrive for free as i would soon find out
inch by inch and yard by yard they advanced into my life
they became the most important things more so than job or wife
they promised me deliverance but bondage was their game
i could run but could not hide from all my guilt and shame
living with deceitful friends like these produced a constant pain
i had to find another way to get good feelings back again
unerringly at my command the next fix came around
i'd spend my way to peace of mind and look good all around
so cars and boats and four wheel drives became my fix du-jour
i worked hard so i deserved some toys....i wasn't poor!
from time to time a still small voice would warn my course was off
but I'd persist and turn deaf ears....i'd save next year i scoffed
well the best laid plans of mice and men they often go astray,
and things will change without your help when spirit has it's way
so deep inside this troubled soul a flame burned oh so bright
the scales of truth which weigh each thought are guided by the light
though what it was that i consumed was plain for all to see,
the issue at its very core was what was consuming me
as layers peel like onion skin i have begun to see,
what i really need's a brand new fix, it's called recovery
with spirits help and healthy friends my life is being healed,
but alas this poem can never end ........for more will be revealed!

By: David Miller

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