Friday, May 31, 2013

I Feel Like I Matter To Other Men In The World

Why do you love ManSpirit? Tom McCurrry said:

“ManSPirit has caused me to feel part of the community of men for the first time in my life.  I don’t feel alone, I feel like I matter to other men in the world.  I feel accepted and connected.”

If you are a man, or have a man in your life who might be interested in ManSpirit, a ministry of the Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa, please invite him to contact one of our CORE team members for more information.

We're planning our 2013 retreat now, and registrations are open immediately.

Don't delay.

This year Dr. Edward Viljoen will be facilitating part of the retreat.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

ManSpirit First Saturday Gatherings

Hi Gentlemen,
                         Are you ready to rendezvous?

Come on out to Art's Saturday, Feb. 1, for a nice visit in his home, 9am to Noon.

This is our monthly potluck brunch meeting.  And we are looking forward to seeing you!

BRING your favorite potluck dish; coffee and water is usually abundantly available.

BRING your Self as we meet, greet, converse and do a little deeper introspection.

Any questions, phone a Core Team member, we look forward to seeing You, Saturday.

February 1, 2014   Art Fichtenberg is our host, 9am to Noon
The address is: 8797 Oakmont Drive, 95409, Santa Rosa
Google Map:
Art's phone number if needed:   707-484-1051

This meeting is open to all men that want to connect with the ManSpirit Group of CSLSR

YOU ARE INVITED to host one of our monthly meetings! in your home.
Give a Core Team member a call or email about your availability to host a future gathering.
Thank you, in advance, for stepping forward and sharing your space with us.

Your Group's Core Team:
Roger Vincent, 707-539-5808,
Dixon Delzell,
Dominick Favuzzi, 707-953-6117,
Daniel Celidore, 707-874-9524,
John-Jack Erbaugh, Emeritus
Rev. Sunbear, Emeritus

Becoming Conscious of our Place in the World

“ManSpirit is a place to gather with other men, talk about men’s issues and become more conscious of our place in the world and our spiritual growth.”

That's what Peter Stickney said when he was asked why he loves and supports our men's retreat, ManSpirit.

Registration is right now! If you want to be with us this year, you'll want to register right away.

How? Social hall, the Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa

Or, click the contact us menu item for additional ways to contact our Core Team.

On line brochure is being developed now.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Transition from Grief to Hope. ManSpirit, a retreat for men.

Daniel Celidore said....

“ManSpirit helped me transition from grief to hope. ManSpirit has given me a group of men to play with, have fun with, and relax with, no matter what the conditions of my life ManSpirit has provided me with a great outlet of heartfelt love for other men in a world that doesn’t promote that.”

ManSpirit Retreat is on September 26 through 29 at Saratoga Springs.

Registration is open right now.

$425 per man.

Watch these posts for more information

This year we’re happy to have Dr. Edward facilitating at the retreat where we will be Stepping Into the Mystery.