Monday, April 27, 2015

Do You Want a retreat?


Earlier this year, the Core Team informed & invited help to prepare for the 2015 ManSpirit retreat.
Some men stepped forward to be a part of a committee to arrange the event but, thus far, it has failed to materialize into an organization that could meet the April 22 deadline for deposits to secure a weekend at Walker Creek Ranch in October.

This Core Team is faced with a number of men asking for a retreat  but a few willing or able to produce it.
It should be known to the community that, in order to have a retreat at Walker Creek, we needed to commit a minimum of $10,000, $2000 of which was due on April 22.
Assuming 35 men attend, that is $286 per man.
Our recent retreats at Saratoga Springs costs us over $400/ man, & while the facilities, cost & distance of Walker Creek are very favorable, we may have lost that date in October.

There are systems & tools available to committee members to get this done, but we need more men to step forward.
 Your Core Team