Saturday, June 1, 2013

It's Easier Now For Me To Come Back To Day To Day Life Now

Dixon Delzell, member of the Core Planning Team of our Men's Group, ManSpirit, said:

“I appreciate the opportunity to step outside my daily life into sacred space.  I appreciate being able to connect with other men while surrounded by that sacredness.”

He was talking about the annual fall retreat, this year taking place at Saratoga Springs.

“ManSpirit has made it easier for me to come back to day to day life while preserving the sacred connection I experience at the retreat.”

2013 ManSpirit Retreat is on September 26 through 29 at Saratoga Springs.

Registration is open right now.  

$425 per man.

Watch these posts for more information

This year we’re happy to have Dr. Edward facilitating at the retreat where we will be  Stepping Into the Mystery.

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